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Protect Yourself From Disease

Vaccines protect against many serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Staying up to date on your immunizations can help keep you from getting sick … and it can help the whole community stay healthy, too! When more people in your neighborhood are vaccinated, diseases have a hard time getting in. Make sure you, your family and friends all get regular vaccinations!

What Immunizations are Available?

We can provide an array of vaccines to protect against:

  • Childhood illnesses
  • HPV
  • Flu
  • Travel-related diseases
  • Tetanus and Pertussis
  • Shingles
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Pneumonia
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • And many more

See a full list of vaccines available at your local health department, or contact a health department with questions about these vaccines and to find out if you’re up to date on your vaccinations.

Vaccine Cost & Payment

We accept most major insurances, so vaccines can often be provided at no cost to you. Unlike private practices, you’ll never have to pay for an office visit when you visit the health department for your vaccines.

Children without insurance may be able to participate in the Vaccines for Children program. No one that qualifies for the VFC program will be turned away for inability to pay. Adults without insurance may be able to receive certain vaccines at a low cost depending on eligibility criteria, otherwise, the full cost of a private vaccine is required at the time of service.

Vaccination Records

If you received your vaccinations within the state of Georgia, you can visit any health department location to get a copy of your immunization history.

If you got your vaccinations outside of Georgia, we recommend you contact the healthcare provider where you got your vaccination in order to receive a copy of your records.

Where to Get Immunizations

Visit a health department near you to get your immunizations and stay healthy.

Learn about our most commonly requested vaccines:

Flu Shots
Student Immunizations
Travel Vaccines

Additional Resources