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Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Hearing Screenings for All Newborns

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is a state-wide program for kids aged 0 – 5 provided by Georgia’s Department of Public Health. The EHDI program provides hearing screenings to newborns, and helps connect children with hearing deficiencies with appropriate care. EHDI ensures:

  • All newborns are screened for hearing loss before one month of age, preferably before hospital discharge.
  • All infants referred for newborn screening will have a diagnostic audiologic evaluation before three months of age.
  • All infants identified with hearing loss will receive appropriate early intervention services before six months of age.

Refer a Child for Hearing Screening

Anyone can make a referral for any child up to age five to receive a free hearing screening. Submit a referral now!

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