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Hancock Health Improvement Partnership Receives Third Round of Funding from Healthcare Georgia Foundation


Hancock Health Improvement Partnership (HHIP) has received a third round of funding totaling $100,000 from Healthcare Georgia Foundation (Foundation) through The Two Georgias Initiative.

HHIP’s leading organization, North Central Health District (NCHD), was one of 14 organizations to receive a portion of the over $1.1 million awarded through The Two Georgia Initiative.

In a statement from the Foundation, Gary Nelson, PhD, Foundation President said, “For these rural communities, the journey of addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of their residents has just begun. These communities are discovering for themselves the potential for greater health equity.”

HHIP is a group of citizens, businesses, organizations and other partners working together to improve Hancock County. The partnership was established to identify the county’s health and healthcare issues related to health and health outcomes. The additional funds provided by The Two Georgias Initiative will help implement HHIP’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) by funding a variety of community activities that will help support the CHIP’s goals and promote health equity across Hancock County.

Since its formation in 2017, HHIP has been working with leaders, residents and organizations throughout Hancock County to discover priority areas based on the needs of the community. Once the partnership identified the healthcare and opportunity gaps facing Hancock County and developed their CHIP, workgroups were created to tackle the three recognized priority areas: economic development, healthy environments and literacy.

“It’s exciting to see our foundation being built upon as we expand and grow,” said Chambreé Harris, HHIP Coordinator and Health Educator with NCHD. “Since its inception, HHIP has been focused on elevating our community through cooperative efforts. With this new round of funding, we’ll be able to provide financial resources to our partners to help further the mission of HHIP.”

The partnership has expanded to include more individuals that can provide input and shape the future of health in Hancock County. Beginning with only seven members, the partnership has built contacts throughout its existence has grown to more than 40 members. Any individual, group or organization interested in improving Hancock County is encouraged to join HHIP. For more information about the partnership, visit, call 478-550-2483, email or contact the group through their Facebook page, @HancockHIP.


About Hancock Health Improvement Partnership

The Hancock Health Improvement Partnership (HHIP) is a group of citizens, business, organizations and other entities with the goal of improving Hancock County. The HHIP was established to identify health and healthcare priority areas related to health and health outcomes in the county.

The Hancock Health Improvement Partnership is funded in part by a grant from Healthcare Georgia Foundation (Foundation). Created in 1999 as an independent private foundation, the Foundation’s mission is to advance the health of all Georgians and to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities.

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