North Central Health District


Macon-Bibb County Environmental Health Department


171 Emery Highway
Macon, GA 31217
Phone: (478) 749-0106 or (478) 749-0121
Fax: (478) 749-0128

The Macon-Bibb County Environmental Health Section provides control and prevention through a combination of surveillance, education, enforcement, and assessment programs designed to identify and abate the environmental conditions that adversely impact human health.

Helpful Links:

Bibb County Food Service Program

The Environmental Health Section permits facilities and conducts routine Food Service inspections. The EH Section also provides education, investigates complaints, and assists the Epidemiology Section with Food-borne Illness Investigations. Environmental Health Specialists operate under the auspices of the Georgia Rules and Regulations governing Food Service, Chapter 290-5-14. Georgia Rules & Regulations for Food Service Food… Read More

Bibb County Rabies Control Program

Rabies is a viral infection transmitted in the saliva of infected mammals. The virus causes an encephalomyelitis that is almost always fatal in humans. Human rabies is a completely preventable disease if the risk of acquisition is appreciated and appropriate rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (consisting of wound care as well as both active and passive immunization)… Read More

Bibb County Septic System Information

The most common waste water management system is a septic system. A septic system consists of a septic tank and an absorption field. The tank separates the solids from the liquid. The liquid is dispersed through the absorption field. The water is treated by the soil to remove harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses… Read More

Bibb County Well Water Information

According to the CDC, over 15 million households have private wells as their source of drinking water. Private wells use ground water as its water source. Ground water can become contaminated in many ways. Malfunctioning wastewater treatments (leaking septic systems or sewer overflows), naturally occurring minerals and farming practices can all contribute to well contamination…. Read More

Bibb County Swimming Pool Information

The Environmental Health staff inspects swimming pools at least twice a year for seasonal pools and three times a year for pools that are open year round. Inspectors make sure that pool chemicals are sufficient to protect swimmers from recreational water illness. Pool Health and Safety Tips Don’t swim if you have diarrhea. Shower before… Read More

Bibb County Tourist Accommodations Program

Tourist Accommodations include hotels, motels and campgrounds. The Environmental Health staff inspects Tourist Accommodations at least twice a year to ensure the establishment is providing a clean environment. The inspector will check to make sure linens are cleaned daily, cups and utensils are clean and sanitized and rooms are free of pests. Rules and Regulations… Read More