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Hurricane Michael


North Central Health District is monitoring and preparing to respond to Hurricane Michael as it heads inland. Should public health be called to respond to sheltering operations, county health department services may be impacted as all staff works to provide evacuees with medical care in shelters. All closure announcements will be posted on our website and social media.

As of  Oct. 10, Hurricane Michael is a Category 4 storm expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to Middle Georgia. Severe weather is expected to begin Wednesday.

NCHD encourages all residents to prepare for Hurricane Michael as it approaches Georgia:

  • Have a communication plan in place – include one contact that will not be in the storm.
  • Have supplies for each family member – find a checklist at
  • Have a way to receive emergency updates – listen to local media and officials, use a NOAA radio or install a phone app that provides updates.
  • Secure all outdoor items that may be blow away by severe winds.
  • Evacuate if directed by authorities – follow instructions to ensure safety.
  • Prepare to shelter in place if directed – find a safe room in your home away from windows and doors; make sure to bring you emergency supplies.

Hurricane Preparedness Information

Before the Storm

  • Have an emergency plan and and a supply kit.
  • Secure all outdoor furniture, garbage cans, decorations or anything that may be lifted by high winds.
  • Plan to shelter outdoor pets indoors.
  • Know your area’s flood risk.
  • Have a reliable way of receiving local weather updates.
  • Check on disabled or elderly family members or neighbors and see if they need help preparing or need a place to shelter.

During the Storm

  • Stay indoors and away from glass windows or doors.
  • Shelter in a central room, hallway or closet on the bottom floor.
  • If flooding occurs, take shelter on a higher floor.
  • Evacuate if directed to by authorities – follow instructions to ensure safety.
  • Listen to local news or a NOAA weather radio to receive situational updates.

After the Storm

  • Do not return to evacuated areas until notified by authorities.
  • Stay away from flooded areas – water may be electrified or contaminated.
  • Avoid downed power lines and report them to the local power company.
  • Check on elderly or disabled family and neighbors to ensure they are safe after the storm.

Additional Hurricane Resources

Evacuee Shelter Information

Local Red Cross Shelters

There are currently no Red Cross Shelters open within NCHD’s counties. To see all Red Cross Shelter locations, visit

Additional Shelter Locations

There are currently no additional shelters.

This information will be updated as shelters open.

Pet Shelter Information

There are currently no pet shelters. This information will be updated as animal shelters open.

Hotel/Motel Availability

Anyone visiting Georgia to avoid Hurricane Michael can call 1-800-VISIT-GA (1-800-847-4842) or visit to check the availability of hotels/motels in their area.


Many people are interested in donating things like food, clothing and other items to help evacuees. While the thought is appreciated, it’s important to note, shelters can NOT accept home-cooked goods or other pre-cooked food delivered by third parties (this does not include deliveries placed at restaurants and delivered by restaurant staff). While this may sound harsh, this rule is in place to keep visiting evacuees safe from foodborne illnesses like norovirus, Salmonella, E. Coli and more.

Evacuees are already away from home and in a stressful situation, and illness can make an evacuation even worse. The best way to provide donations to evacuees is with gift cards to grocery stores and other general retailers. This will allow local Emergency Management Agencies to purchase exactly what is needed to support individual needs.

You can drop off your donations at:

  • No donations being accepted at this time.


The Central Georgia Medical Reserve Corps is recruiting practicing, retired, or otherwise employed medical, nursing, allied health, dental, public health, mental health and veterinary medicine volunteers, as well as non-health care volunteers wishing to serve in specific support roles. To apply online, visit SERVGA, the online website for volunteer registration for the state of Georgia. Volunteers should follow the instructions on the site, making sure to choose the Central Georgia Medical Reserve Corps under the list of volunteer organizations.

Traffic Information

Call 511 or visit to receive the latest travel information about Georgia roads including notifications of road conditions, closures and contraflow.