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Nutrition Education for WIC

Nutrition for WIC

Nutrition for WIC Participants

Nutrition Education classes can be completed in various ways and on many different topics, including:

  • Creating a Healthy Meal: Portioning and creating the right balance of food groups using
  • Physical Activity: Proper guidelines, encouraging kids to play outside and limiting screen time
  • Dental Care: Healthy habits and best ages to start dental routines
  • Hydration: Drinking water and limiting sugary drinks
  • Breastfeeding: Benefits, preparing for success, getting a good latch, inverted nipples and engorgement

Online Nutrition Education Classes

You don’t have to go to your local WIC clinic to receive Nutrition Education anymore! Now, you have the option to complete your Nutrition Education requirements from home or a public computer. It makes picking up your vouchers a breeze! Start your Nutrition Education classes online right now:

Phone Nutrition Education Classes

If you don’t have reliable transportation or a good Internet connection, you can still complete your Nutrition Education classes over the phone. Plus, when you complete your Nutrition Education classes over the phone, your vouchers will be mailed directly to you. This option is available for qualifying WIC participants who are unable to visit their local clinic for voucher pick-up. Ask your WIC counselor if you’re eligible!

Group Nutrition Education Classes

Group Nutrition Education classes are interactive classes, based on monthly nutrition education and breastfeeding topics. All WIC participants are eligible to attend group sessions, and they’re fun! Classes are facilitated by a Nutritionist/Breastfeeding Peer Counselor team, so you’ll always have an expert available to provide top-quality guidance. Ask your WIC counselor about upcoming group classes!

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