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Buy Tramadol Online, Pain treatment, High quality Tramadol


Buy Tramadol Online, Pain treatment, High quality Tramadol

Tramadol in the treatment of acute and chronic and pain syndrome

The basic method of the treatment of the acute and chronic pain syndromes
is a systemic drug treatment in the modern medicine. It does not matter how
the medication goes to the body: perorally, per rectum, sublingually,
transdermally, by means of injections. It still goes to the systemic blood

Now it is the problem about a choice of analgesic. They are divided into 2

– Non-narcotic

– Narcotic

Non-narcotic analgesics are prescribed for the treatment of pain of a low
intensity according to the recommendations of WHO. The drugs are usually
prescribed for a short period because they rather often cause side effects.
They are not able to cope with severe pain syndrome.

Narcotic analgesics are prescribed to treat pain of moderate and high
intensity. The drug also causes a lot of side effects, but it is impossible
to imagine an effective pharmacotherapy of the pain syndrome without them.

However, there is a medication which has an efficiency of the opioid
analgesics but the safety coefficient equals to the level of the
non-narcotic products. This is Tramadol.

What is Tramadol?

In the context of chemistry, the drug is agonist of the opioid receptors.
It is noradrenaline reuptake mediator at the same time, and it reminds the
action of the antidepressants. An accumulation of noradrenaline in the
central nervous system lowers the pain syndrome.

Tramadol has the double action, and so it is not worse than the opioid
analgesics. But their connection is by 10 times lower than in Morphine, and
therefore the index of the pharmacological safety of the drug is higher.

Due to the intensive action appearing in 20-30 minutes after the oral use
(in 5-10 minutes after injection), Tramadol may be used in the treatment of
the acute pain caused by the affection of the soft tissues, joints,
neurological disorders, and others.

Due to rather high pharmacological safety, Tramadol may be used during
chronic pain syndrome including in patients with oncology. Tramadol
significantly reduces pain in patients with chronic pain associated with
osteoarthritis, improves sleeping and mobility of joints, and physical

Drugs on the basis of Tramadol may be prescribed for the therapy in
patients with non-adequate analgesic reaction or contraindications for the
use of NSAIDs or COX2 inhibitors. If a patient has diseases of the
gastro-intestinal tract due to which s/he cannot take NSAIDs. The
ingredient does not cause gastro-intestinal complications typical for the
NSAIDs, and does not have a potential toxicity for liver as Acetaminophen.

Tramadol does not cause a respiratory depression, cardio-vascular
complications, medical addiction and has less clinic-toxicological meaning
unlike opioids. That is why doctors prescribe the drug in cases when an
intensive analgesic effect is required for a long period.

Doctors have a positive opinion about the use of Tramadol as the basic
analgesic in the therapeutic and diagnostic practice. It has all required
characteristics in order to reduce any pain syndrome. The only problem
consists in the irrational use of the drug. Most people take the drug
without prescription, and it may cause an overdose and other negative

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