North Central Health District


Other Programs

Travel Clinics

The North Central Health District has two travel clinics, with a full range of immunization services, travel advisories, and health & safety information. The travel clinics are located within the Bibb County Health Department and Houston County Health Department. Click the links below to visit the web pages for each of the travel clinics and to… Read More

Health Assessments

The District Epidemiology Program focuses on systematically collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data on chronic diseases, injuries, and environmental exposures among Georgians. Information from the section is used to design control and prevention measures, to evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions, and to improve services to populations at greatest risk. Data Requests:  The district… Read More


The District Tuberculosis Section provides case management for all clients identified with TB disease, suspected of having TB disease, or Latent TB Infection. The District TB Personnel in conjunction with local Health Departments work together to identify, monitor, and treat TB clients. The County TB Nurses and District Personnel collaborate with hospitals, private physicians, district… Read More

Clinical and Nursing Services

The Clinical and Nursing Services Section provides direct patient care at thirteen local health departments and through specific District-wide initiatives. Public health nurses collaborate with a multi-disciplinary public health team and other key community partners to advance the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities. Public health nursing practice in Georgia is evidence-based and… Read More

Epidemiology and Infectious Disease

Program Overview Epidemiology is the central science of public health. As such, epidemiology provides the scientific input that shapes public health policy, program directions, and activities.  The North Central Health District (NCHD) Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Programs conduct surveillance for the occurrence of diseases and other health conditions that affect NCHD residents. By determining the… Read More

Health Promotion

The mission of the Health Promotion program is to assist in developing, organizing and implementing community-based health promotion/risk reduction programs. Health promotion contributes to the health of the community by enabling individuals and groups to gain greater control over the determinants of health, prevent unnecessary death, disability, and disease, and increase the span of healthy… Read More

Health Check

Health Check in Georgia is a preventive health program that has 21 screening sequences, providing services such as assessment and screening for vision and hearing, a comprehensive physical examination, nutrition, developmental screening, TB, lead, and much more. Health Check also provides comprehensive health and physical examinations for foster care children, including appropriate immunizations. It has… Read More

Georgia Cancer Registry

The Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry (GCCR) is a statewide population-based cancer registry collecting all cancer cases diagnosed among Georgia residents since January 1, 1995. This information furthers our understanding of cancer and is used to develop strategies and policies for prevention, control, and treatment. The availability of this data at the state level allows health… Read More

Children’s Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic focuses on prevention, screening and referral, treatment, and oral health education for children aged 0-18. The most common dental problems that children have are dental decay, gum disease, and malocclusion. Most of these problems are preventable. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can eliminate pain, infection, and progressive oral diseases. Clinical Services: School… Read More

Vital Records

There are 159 counties in Georgia. Each county has a vital records registrar and vital records custodian appointed by the state registrar. Depending upon the county, the vital records registrar or custodian may be located at the county health department or in the office of the probate judge.  The Macon-Bibb County Health Department and the… Read More