North Central Health District


Child Health Referrals


Looking for a referral for a public health program for children? This page has the forms and information you need for child health referrals.

Referring Children to Public Health Programs in the North Central Health District

Please use this form for child health referrals:Poster for Children 1st

Children 1st Screening Referral Fillable Form

Please direct all referrals for the North Central Health District child health programs to:
FAX: 478-751-6429 (this is the preferred way to receive referrals)
PHONE: 478-751-4403 or 478-751-6117
E-mail: We discourage submitting referrals by email due to privacy concerns. Please call.

Children 1st Coordinator
North Central Health District
201 Second Street, Suite 1100
Macon, GA 31201

Once the referral is received, the child’s family will be contacted by the child health programs most appropriate to meet the child and family’s needs.

Child health programs include:

Children 1st (C 1st):  Handles all child health referrals to identify children with development, medical, or socio-environmental conditions that place them at risk for poor health or developmental outcomes.  Infants, children and families are assessed and referred to appropriate programs or services.

Babies Can’t Wait (BCW):  Serves infants and toddlers (ages 0-3) with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.

Children’s Medical Services (CMS):  Provides or coordinates specialty medical evaluations and treatment for eligible children (birth to age 21) with chronic medical conditions who meet medical and financial eligibility.

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI):  Handles referrals of infants who do not pass the hospital hearing screening to ensure that they are rescreened and referred for diagnostic audiological evaluation, if needed.