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Peach County Youth Summit Helps Teens Stay Healthy and Safe


Information and Discussion Sessions Will Teach Teens to Protect Themselves

Peach County Health Department is partnering with Mount Olive CME Church to provide the community’s youth a safe environment to learn about and discuss topics and situations they may encounter in their lives. Kids and teens age 10–19 have two opportunities to experience the Peach County Youth Summit. The event will be held Friday, June 22, 1–3 p.m., and Saturday, June 23, 12–2 p.m. at Mount Olive CME Church, 1206 Knoxville Street, Fort Valley, GA 31030.

“Children and teens face a range of issues before adulthood, some of which could drastically impact the rest of their lives,” said Brittney Stewart, Adolescent Health and Youth Development Coordinator with North Central Health District. “We want to give them the knowledge to make smart choices and take personal responsibility for their lives. After kids attend the Youth Summit, they will be better equipped to make positive life choices.”

The Peach County Youth Summit is a community-wide event that gives residents an opportunity to discuss consequences of life-changing behavior in a safe environment. Attendees will learn about the consequences and responsibilities involving:

  • dating and healthy relationships,
  • teen pregnancy and parenthood,
  • bullying,
  • suicide prevention,
  • sexually transmitted disease awareness and more.

“These are issues that teens in our community need to know about so they will have the power to make smart choices and protect their futures,” said Stewart. “We want them to learn about the consequences of poor decisions at the Youth Summit rather than in their actual lives.”

During the summit, teens will also learn about the teen health services available at Peach County Health Department. Teens 19 and under are eligible to receive a variety of free services including STD testing and treatment, immunizations, pregnancy testing and more. Services are confidential and do not require parents or guardians to be present. To learn more about public health’s free services for teens age 19 and under, visit

For more information about the Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program, visit

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