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Dr. David Harvey

Public health is involved in the everyday lives of all of us. Our challenges are to protect and improve the health of families and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of infectious diseases, insure a healthy environment, and injury prevention. By providing education, clinical services, environmental regulations, family planning services, child health and nutritional assistance, surveillance and treatment of communicable diseases, and perinatal management, the public is provided a safer and healthier community. Present priorities are diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, other cardiovascular conditions, and perinatal mortality.

The North Central Health District of the Georgia Department of Public Health is one of eighteen health districts and is responsible for overseeing and supporting thirteen local Health Departments, one in each of the thirteen counties in our district. Personnel matters, fiscal management, and program guidance for the local sites are  provided by the district office staff while there is a local Board of Health established by state law to advise and support each Health Department. The NCHD staff serves as liaison between the Department of Public Health and the local Health Departments.

Dr. David N. Harvey
District Health Director
North Central Health District

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