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Flu Shots


Are You Protected?

Influenza can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death … and getting your flu shot every year can help you avoid getting sick. When more people get the flu shot, larger portions of the community are protected. That means more people stay safe and healthy. make sure everyone in  your family gets their flu shot!

Will the Flu Shot Make Me Sick?

No! The flu shot won’t make you sick. And it won’t give you any long-lasting health problems, either! Getting your flu shot simply provides higher protection against the flu.

How Often Do I Need a Flu Shot?

The flu changes every year, so you need to get a new, updated flu vaccine each year, too. Just because you got a flu shot once doesn’t mean you’re protected years later! A severe case of influenza can send you to the hospital. Don’t take that chance!

How Much Does it Cost?

Flu shots are provided at no cost to you under most insurance policies. Those who pay out of pocket can get a flu shot at a very low cost. Contact your local health department to find out exactly how much your flu shot will cost, or to schedule an appointment.

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