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Water Well Information
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Before an individual or non-public water well can be installed, the homeowner or authorized agent must first apply for a permit with the Environmental Health Department. The application fee and permit includes a site evaluation to determine proper location of the well and a water sample after installation to test for bacteria.

Owner Responsibilities

  • It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Environmental Health Department once the well has been installed. At this point an Environmentalist will revisit the property and take a sample from the well and notify the owner of the results.
  • All individual and non-public wells shall be curbed at the surface by the owner with watertight curbing of concrete at least four inches thick and extending at least two feet in all directions from the well casing and sloping away from the casing.
  • It is recommended that owner’s of individual and non-public wells have an annual sample taken for bacterial testing to ensure that the well is a safe source of water.

Driller’s Responsibilities

  • Driller must be a certified, licensed well driller with the state of Georgia.
  • Wells must be installed in accordance with State Regulations and all applicable well information (Intents to Drill, Well Data Sheets) must be submitted to the Health Department, Environmental Health Section (EH).
  • Follow permit issued by EH. Make sure well is installed in proper location following state/county mandated setbacks from potential sources of contamination (refer to Georgia Water Well Standards Act and Houston County Health Code).
  • After the well has been installed, the driller is responsible for disinfecting the well before any use of the water.

Note: It is the owner’s responsibility to protect their well from contamination. Contaminated ground water can result in serious illness. It is recommended to have your well tested annual. Additional information for water samples and disinfecting your well can be provided by the Environmental Health Department. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Environmental Health Department.

Current Fee Schedule

Application / Site Evaluation for Well Construction Permit (includes initial water sample) – $75.00
Evaluation of an Existing Well (includes sample, collected by environmentalist) – $50.00
Water sample brought into Environmental Health (not for loan closing or certification)* – $20.00
Repeat water samples for certification due to positive results – $35.00

* Please call for collection and submission requirements

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